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Take your QlikView skills to the next level at the

2017 events will be announced soon!

"This has been a fantastic experience and the learning opportunities were enormous. Of all the training and conferences I attended for QlikView this has been above and beyond the best one to date."

- San Francisco Summit attendee

"When you finish the developer course you think you know it all, but when you come to this Summit you realize that you know nothing. It was much more than I expected."

- London Summit attendee

"“Great presentations, very energizing and inspiring. Lots of tips and tricks, ideas and experience exchange."

- Barcelona Summit attendee


Masters Summit 2017

"Masters Summit for Qlik" 2017 dates and locations are in the planning stage. Events for 2017 will be announced by year end. 

To date, alsmost 800 Qlik Developers  from 38 countries and 450 companies have attended Masters Summits in Europe and the US.  Response from the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Read their comments here.

I hope you will join me in 2017 to "Take your QlikView skills to the next level"

Learn more about the Summit 



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