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October 1-3 2014, The Grand

"When you finish the developer course you think you know it all, but when you come to this Summit you realize that you know nothing. It was much more than I expected."

- London Summit attendee

"“Great presentations, very energizing and inspiring. Lots of tips and tricks, ideas and experience exchange."

- Barcelona Summit attendee

"“This is a well-organized, advanced QlikView program for experienced users and developers"

- Las Vegas Summit attendee


Masters Summit in Amsterdam October 2014

The "Masters Summit for Qlikview" is coming to Amsterdam on October 1-3 2014.

I'll be joining some of the leading QlikCommunity contributors live for 3 days  to discuss advanced techniques in building complex solutions with QlikView. Through hands-on sessions and useful takeaways, we'll help you become a master too.  

In 2013 Masters Summits were were held in Las Vegas, London and Barcelona, and most recently, Chicago in April 2014 . Response from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Read their comments here.

For complete program details and registration information, see the Summit Website. I hope to see you there!

Learn more about the Summit 



Document Analyzer

V2 of Document Analyzer to the downloads page. This is a major rework of the Document Analyzer tool.


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